The Crew 3D Movie Review

The Crew 3D- Russian Action Movie Inspiring Older Fim

The Crew 3D is a Russian film inspired by the Soviet film of 1979 ‘Air Crew’. As Russia’s highest grossing film of the year 2016, everyone expects something of higher level. To take the attention of the audiences, the first half section of the movie The Crew 3D comes with building interpersonal relationships among three pilots. Here the male leads are Danila and Vladmir who have already their starred profile in Hollywood movies and their expertise shows.

Here, Danila comes with the character Alex McCoy and shows his dedication as the rookie pilot with the conscience who dares to defy his seniority. But, his romance with Sandra of Agne Grudtye is a damp squib, owing the wooden and stereotypical turn of Agne as a career driven pilot.

CAST:Danila Kozlovsky, Vladimir Mashkov, Agne Grudtye

DIRECTION:Nikolai Lebedev


DURATION:2 hours 5 minutes


The Crew 3D Movie Trailer: 


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