Difference between Actual Diesel and the Otto Engines

Difference between Diesel and the Otto Engines are as below:

Otto Engine Diesel Engine
1. Homogenous mixture of fuel and air formed in the carburetor is supplied to engine cylinder. 1. No carburetor is used. Air alone is supplied to the engine cylinder. Fuel is injected directly into the engine cylinder at the end of compression stroke by means of a fuel injector. Fuel-air mixture is heterogeneous.
2. Ignition is initiated by means of an electric spark plug. 2. No spark plug is used. Compression ratio is high and the high temperature of air ignites fuel.
3. Power output is controlled by varying the mass of fuel-air mixture by means of a throttle valve in the carburetor. 3. No throttle value is used. Power output is controlled only by means of the mass of fuel injected by the fuel injector.

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