Livescribe Echo Smartpen- Take Notes and Records at a Time

Livescribe Echo Smartpen Comes as the Versatile Pen with Advanced Technology

The technology world is on the right track with all its innovation and inventions, where you can feel the advancements everywhere you see. The new Livescribe Echo Smartpen Comes as the liveliest pen that can record and meet your writing purpose at the same time. The designers have smartly designed this device for journalists.

You can easily take records while writing and play back the records later. You can also save and share interactive notes on iPhone, iPad, and computer through a micro-USB connector. You can also recharge your pen through this micro-USB port. The internal memory can aid you with the record hours of 400-800 hours. To make it user friendly and easily accessible, the manufacturer has introduced an OLED display along with the device. Thus, you can easily navigate the Smartpen aps. This new Smartpen hits the market with the starting price of $169.95.


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