Scaffolding safety for Overhead Power Lines

Ten foot rule recommended for erecting scaffolding close proximity of electrical power linesc

All Scaffolds must be erected maintaining a standard safe distance from overhead power lines and there must not be any conductive materials (e.g. building materials, paint roller extension poles, scaffold components) between scaffolding and power line. This standard safe distance is at least 10 feet.  Exception – insulated lines of less than 300 volts have a safe distance of only 3 feet.

But in case any situation where  it is difficult to determine if a power line is insulated, or the exact voltage of power line, the 10 ft. rule must be applied.

Scaffolds may be closer to 10 feet from overhead power lines in some cases where such proximity is necessary for the type work being done.In that case the power company or electrical system operator has to be involved and has to make sure, either  the line is De-energized, relocated or installed protective coverings to prevent accidental contact with the lines.


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